Todd Brook

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Todd Brook
Todd brook 077820 71f5b3dc.jpg
Todd Brook. At this point above Toddbrook Reservoir, water from Todd Brook flows either through a sluice into a conduit (right) or over a weir (left) and into the Reservoir.
Country England
Basin features
Main source Shining Tor
River mouth River Goyt

Todd Brook is a small river running through the English counties of Cheshire and Derbyshire.

The Brook rises beneath Shining Tor on the border between the two counties and flows northwards through east Cheshire, passing by Kettleshulme before turning east, forming the border between Cheshire and Derbyshire for a short distance before filling Toddbrook Reservoir in Derbyshire.

The brook flows into the River Goyt at Whaley Bridge.

Coordinates: 53°19′35″N 1°59′16″W / 53.32650°N 1.98790°W / 53.32650; -1.98790