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For the American football player, see Todd Davis (American football).
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Todd Davis
Born Richard Todd Davis
Nationality American
Alma mater Baylor University
Occupation Co-founder, chairman and CEO
Known for LifeLock

Richard Todd Davis, also known as Todd Davis,[1] is the founder of LifeLock, a personal fraud protection company.[2][3]


Davis received his Bachelor of Business Administration in entrepreneurship and management from Baylor University in 1990.[4][5]


Davis served on executive management teams of several technology startups after graduating from Baylor. He later joined Dell in 1992 where he was able to sign clients such as 3M.[6] Davis became a member of the President’s Elite Circle and received the Dell Vision Award while with the company.[7] In 2002, Davis started his own business, Marketing Champions, where he served as CEO and worked with teams from NASCAR and the Indy Racing League.[5][8][9]

In 2005, Davis and Robert J. Maynard cofounded LifeLock.[10] LifeLock is a personal fraud protection company.[11] Davis has served as the CEO of LifeLock since its founding. As part of a marketing campaign to raise public awareness to the threat of identity theft, Davis posted his social security number on billboards and commercials. Davis was a victim of 13 cases of identity theft between 2007 and 2008.[12] The company ranked eighth on Inc. Magazine’s 500 list in 2010,[13] and in 2012, Davis took the company public. By 2014, LifeLock had over 3 million subscribers and 700 employees.[14]

Other activities[edit]

Davis is a regular speaker at conferences and other events. In April 2013, he was a speaker at the Startup America Summit in Phoenix, Arizona,[15] the Silicon Desert December Meetup, and the company also presented a free Identity Theft Summit for local law enforcement officials in Arizona.[16] Davis presented at the 2014 South by Southwest Online Privacy: Nuclear Meltdown or NextGen Fuel discussions.[4] He was selected to speak at the 2014 Global Ethics Summit,[17] and participated in the 2014 Inside the Reporter’s Notebook event for the Phoenix Business Journal.[14]

Davis has contributed to Forbes Magazine and The Huffington Post with identity theft protection advice for individuals.[18][19]


Davis, through LifeLock, contributes to Conquer Paralysis Now and serves on the Board of Directors.[6] The foundation, founded in 2001, works to find a cure for paralysis.[20] He is an honorary advisor the National Organization for Victim Assistance, as well as an honorary board member for BioAccel. He’s also on the board of directors for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Phoenix.[21][22][23]


Davis won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Top Emerging Company for Orange County and Desert Cities in 2009.[24] He was also awarded the CRM Magazine's Service Elite Award, The Arizona Business Leadership Association's Leadership Award and Arizona Business Journal's 25 Most Admired CEOs in 2009.[7][23]


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