Todd Jensen

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Todd Jensen
Instruments Bass guitar
Associated acts Sequel
Ozzy Osbourne

Todd Jensen is a bassist who has played for various artists, including the bands Sequel, Hardline,[1] and Harlow, as well as David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Perry, Alice Cooper,[2] and Paul Rodgers.

Todd Jensen played with Ozzy Osbourne only very briefly, and was replaced by bassist Geezer Butler. Officially, Geezer Butler is credited for all the bass on Ozzmosis, though there have been claims that several uncredited musicians also played on the album, possibly including Todd Jensen. Todd was on tour with Van Halen in 2012 as David Lee Roth's personal tour manager.


With Sequel[edit]

  • Sequel (1982)
  • Daylight Fright (1983)
  • Back (2006)

With Harlow[edit]

  • Harlow (1990)

With Hardline[edit]

With Paul Rodgers[edit]

With Alice Cooper[edit]

With Caryl Mack[edit]


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