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Todd Mason
Todd Mason headshot
Born May 3, 1963
Richmond, Virginia, USA
Residence Washington, DC
Nationality American
Alma mater Virginia Commonwealth University
Occupation CEO and Executive in Charge of Production
Years active 1988-Present
Employer Broadcast Management Group
Known for Live Broadcast Executive, Executive Producer and Entrepreneur
Title CEO/Executive In Charge of Production, Board Member of: GenAge Marketing, Broadcast Management Group
Awards Telly and Aegis Awards

William Todd Mason (born May 3, 1963) is a digital media executive and entrepreneur based in Washington, DC. He has served as creator, Executive Producer and Executive in Charge of Production for a number of national broadcast series and specials.

Early life[edit]

Mason was born in Richmond, Virginia to Phillip Charles Mason and Virginia Reynolds Harris and is one of two children. Mason’s family has deep roots in Richmond. His father held the position as a senior executive in the banking industry and retired from Capital One. His Mother worked in administration for a national insurance company for most of her career before retiring from the Baptist Foreign Mission Board. Mason’s grandfather, James Reynolds, and grandmother, Mary Reynolds, were both professional golfers - Mary Reynolds being one of the first female professional golfers in the United States, and James Reynolds designed two of Richmond’s Golf Courses and Retired Golf Pro at Richmond’s Hermitage Country Club.


At age 15, Mason got his first exposure [1] to live broadcast production, volunteering as a cameraman at Grove Avenue Baptist Church, where the longest-running Christian program in America is produced.[2] He soon earned his place as technical director [3] and began managing crew members. Mason continued to direct and take on freelance production work as a hobby throughout his college career at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).[4]

Transamerica Financial Services, Inc.[edit]

After studying Business Administration at VCU, Mason worked as a sales representative for Transamerica. Because he was successful at an early age he worked as a motivational speaker at various conventions and events for Transamerica.[5] During his spare time, Mason continued to take on freelance production work remaining active in the broadcast industry.

Delmar Communications, Inc.[edit]

In 1988, Mason left Transamerica Corporation and began his full time broadcasting career in Richmond where he co-founded start-up company Delmar Communications, Inc. As CEO of Delmar Communications, Mason successfully acquired the company’s largest competitor, Virginia Productions, in 1989.

Henninger Media Services, Inc.[edit]

In 1990 Mason was recruited to Henninger Media Services a Washington DC based broadcast post production company as Senior Vice President and eventually assuming the, General Manager and Chief Financial Officer duties.[6] Mason was one of the leading contributors in expanding the small-scale production company into one of the largest in the country - during his tenure, the company grew the main location from 25 employees to 80 and company-wide to 250, made 4 key acquisitions, opened 5 branches in from scratch. The company also started a joint venture with Robert Dineo’s Tribeca Film Center creating one of the first non-liner film editing companies in the country called Tribeca Henninger Editing Tools (the Tools) with offices in Los Angeles and New York.[7] Mason also lead the company’s expansion into full scale series production and its audio post production division.

PVS*Speer, International, Inc.[edit]

From 1996-1998 Mason was the President and Chief Executive Officer of PVS*Speer International, recruited after Speer Communications, based in Nashville TN had acquired Professional Video Services, Inc.(PVS). Based in Washington DC, the company provided 24/7 studio production, post production, equipment rental, staffing, transmissions and production management services to international news organizations around with world supporting their North America news coverage. In 1997 Mason was asked to also assume management responsibilities for Speers fleet of broadcast production trucks and its 150,000 square foot broadcast center in Nashville, TN and opened an equipment rental operation in Atlanta.

Atlantic Video, Inc[edit]

From 1998 to 2005, Mason was President and Chief Operating Officer of Washington, DC-based Atlantic Video, Inc. During his seven years at Atlantic Video, he grew revenue nearly 400%, enhanced the company’s staff, technology[8] and reputation and acquired two other firms[9] all while expanding into new markets.[10] While with Atlantic, Mason worked to develop relationships with television networks such as Discovery Channel,[11] PBS,[12] Comedy Central and Showtime. Mason was also responsible for launching several hit shows on ESPN, including “Pardon the Interruption”, starring Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, “Around the Horn”, "Cheap Seats" and “Cold Pizza”.[13][14] Mason also founded Atlantic Creative, an original program development production company, where he produced several shows and served as co-creator and Executive Producer of Animal Planet’s “Pet Psychic” starring Sonya Fitzpatrick. [15]

Broadcast Management Group, LLC[edit]

In December 2005, Mason founded Broadcast Management Group, LLC (formerly Mason Productions), a production management company that actively works with networks such as ESPN, ABC, NBC, Fox, Franco-German TV network Arte France and cable network BET. The company’s first contract was with ESPN to provide production management for “ESPN Hollywood”.[16] In 2006, Broadcast Management Group was awarded a multimillion dollar contract with the DC Office of Cable Television and Telecommunications (OCTT) to design a full-service, high definition broadcast operation.[17] The company was also contracted to market OCTT’s broadcast facilities and to bring in commercial projects such as PBS’s Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg and various shows for CNN.[18] As an entrepreneur, Mason saw an immense potential in social media technology and its ability to be used in marketing tactic. In 2013, Mason founded BMGdi (formerly GenEra Strategies), a digital content division of BMG that “leverage[s] the most current technology at every opportunity to build, execute and measure dual screen engagement of social media and broadcast series and specials. In the same year, Mason also founded GenAge marketing, a firm that “helps companies effectively reach consumers from all generations.” GenAge was merged into Broadcast Management Group at the end of 2014.[19]

Mason developed a CRM technology marketed as DataHatch. Its most notable client is national retail chain Tuesday Morning who utilize the technology to manage the data and effectively communicate relevant information to each of its over 9 million customers and connecting to over 800 stores across the country.

Mason has also been called on by the Washington, DC business community to serve in a number of capacities: serving on the Committee for Economic Development with Mayor Anthony A. Williams’ transition team,[20] as a founding board member of the Washington, DC Technology Council, and serving on the board of the DC Economic Partnership.

Mason currently serves as CEO and Executive in Charge of Production and Series Development for Broadcast Management Group and senior client adviser for, GenAge Marketing.

Notable works [21][edit]

Awards and honors[edit]

  • 2003 - Telly Award - "Pet Psychic" (Atlantic Creative)
  • 2003 - Aegis Award - "Pet Psychic" (Atlantic Creative)
  • 2004 - Telly Award - "Homefront America" (Atlantic Creative)[22]
  • 2005 - Telly Award - "Kennedy Women" (Atlantic Creative)
  • 2005 - Telly Award - "Battlefield Diaries" (Atlantic Creative)[23]

Board memberships and affiliations[edit]

  • DC Economic Partnership - Board of Directors
  • Washington, DC Technology Council - Board of Directors
  • DC Chamber of Commerce - Member
  • DC Media Publications Industry Group - Chairman
  • International Teleproduction Society (Virginia Chapter) - Founder/President
  • International Television Association - Vice President


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