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Todd Nunes is an American screenwriter and director of horror films including the holiday horror film All Through The House[1][2][3] and Death Ward 13.[4][5][6] He is the brother to horror actress Ashley Mary Nunes.


Todd Nunes wrote and directed his first horror full-length film Scary Larry in 2014,[7] which starred his sister Ashley Mary Nunes.[8] In 2015 he wrote and directed the award-winning[9] holiday horror film All Through The House, produced by The Readmond Company, which again starred Ashley Mary Nunes[10] in the lead role and also featured Canadian horror actress Jessica Cameron.[11][12]

Nunes' latest project is Death Ward 13 (2017)[13] a remake of the 1973 low budget horror film Don't Look in the Basement (also known as The Forgotten). Death Ward 13 is currently in pre-production[14] in Los Angeles and will star former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein[15][16][17][18] as the film’s terrifying antagonist, The Duke.


  • All Through The House, Official Nomination, “Top Ten”, Online, The Golden Rake Award for Indie Horror (2016)[19]
  • All Through The House, Best Director at the Hardcore Horror Fest, Chicago, IL (2016, won – Todd Nunes)[19]
  • All Through The House, Best Actress at the Hardcore Horror Fest, Chicago, IL (2016, won – Jessica Cameron)[20]
  • All Through The House, Best Slasher Award at the RIP Horror Film Festival, Hollywood, CA (2015)[21]
  • All Through The House, Audience Choice Award at the RIP Horror Film Festival, Hollywood, CA (2015)[21]
  • All Through The House, Best Editing Award at the RIP Horror Film Festival, Hollywood, CA (2015)[21]
  • All Through The House, Best Local Feature Award at SFindie's “Another Hole in the Head” Phenomenal Film Festival, San Francisco, CA (2015)[22]


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