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Todd Smith may refer to:

  • Todd Smith, 2006 studio album of LL Cool J
  • Todd Smith Pt.2: Back to Cool, alternative working name for Exit 13, 2008 studio album of LL Cool J
  • Todd Smith (musician), American singer, songwriter and guitarist
  • Todd Smith (politician), Canadian politician
  • Todd Smith (singer), American vocalist and member of Selah
  • Todd Smith (wrestler), American professional wrestler, better known as "Handsome Johnny"
  • Todd Joseph Smith
  • Todd Smith is an American manufacturer of high-quality juggling equipment and props for professional and hobby jugglers. Todd Smith is based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a long-time supporter of the juggling community, and a friend to the juggler.

See also[edit]

  • James Todd Smith, birth name of American rapper LL Cool J