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Todd Tobias
Born 1967 (age 50–51)
Origin Akron, Ohio, USA
Occupation(s) Record producer, musician
Instruments drums, bass guitar, 6-string guitar, keys, samples
Years active 2001–present
Labels Hidden Shoal Recordings
Associated acts Circus Devils
Robert Pollard
Guided by Voices
Clouds Forming Crowns
Psycho and the Birds
Brother Earth
Website Todd Tobias website

Todd Tobias is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer best known for his work with Robert Pollard and his band Guided by Voices. Other projects include Circus Devils, Kramies, The Library is on Fire, The Celebrity Pilots, Slark Martyr, and musical theatre composer and lyricist George Griggs.

In 2012 Tobias began recording solo albums of instrumental, atmospheric mood music ranging in style from ambient to post-rock. Todd's debut album Medicine Show, released on Hidden Shoal Recordings.[1] has been described as "a multi-faceted instrumental opus, evoking a shadowy steampunk dystopia."[2]

In 2013, Tobias released I RAZOR, a soundtrack album for the experimental film of the same name,[3] followed by Impossible Cities in 2014 and Tristes Tropiques in 2015.[4] Todd's EP Moorea was featured in John Diliberto's NPR program Echoes' top 25 in September, 2015.[5]


Albums and EPs[edit]

  • Medicine Show – 2012
  • Night Above Ground – 2012
  • I Razor – 2013
  • Impossible Cities – 2014
  • Impossible Cities 2 – 2014
  • Tristes Tropiques – 2015
  • Moorea – 2015
  • Gila Man – 2016

Discography for Todd Tobias as producer/ performer[edit]

Circus Devils: Laughs Last

Robert Pollard: Faulty Superheroes
Circus Devils: Stomping Grounds
The World Of Dust: Womb Realm
The Flower Machine: Tangerines and Opium Trees

Circus Devils: "Escape"
Brother Earth: "Positive Haywires"

Robert Pollard: Blazing Gentlemen
Robert Pollard: Honey Locust Honky Tonk
Kramies: The Wooden Heart
Circus Devils: When Machines Attack
Circus Devils: My Mind Has Seen the White Trick
King Pedestrian: King Pedestrian

Robert Pollard: Jack Sells The Cow
Robert Pollard: Mouseman Cloud
Guided by Voices: The Bears for Lunch
Guided by Voices: Class Clown Spots a UFO
Kramies:The European
The No Real Need: Nonlocal Motives
Scarcity Of Tanks: Ohio Captives
Johnny Render: Rendervoux

Robert Pollard: Lord of the Birdcage
Robert Pollard: Space City Kicks
Circus Devils: Capsized!
Clouds Forming Crowns: Allowing Thunderhead
The Library is on Fire: Works On Paper
The Flower Machine: Lavender Lane

Robert Pollard: Moses on a Snail
Robert Pollard: We All Got Out of the Army
Circus Devils: Mother Skinny
The Celebrity Pilots: Hawks of the Lesser Antilles
The Library is on Fire: Magic Bumrush Heartz
Clouds Forming Crowns: Ouija Board Taxman
Hospital garden: Hospital garden

Robert Pollard: The Crawling Distance
Robert Pollard: Elephant Jokes
Circus Devils: Gringo
The Sleeptalkers: Back to Earth
Kramies: Castle of Ghosts
The No Real Need: Thistles Where We Slept
Ceiling Star: New Advances in the Field of Obsolescence

Robert Pollard: Robert Pollard Is Off to Business
Circus Devils: ATAXIA
Slark Martyr: Cave in the A-Frame
Kramies: Golden Like a New Thing
The Softrocks: Summer Apocalypse
The Frozen Hellsicles: Oh No Wait a Minute...
Humphry Clinker: Among Cutting Threads EP
Slark Martyr: Imagination and a Pile of Dirt

Circus Devils: Sgt. Disco
Robert Pollard: Standard Gargoyle Decisions
Robert Pollard: Coast to Coast Carpet of Love
Robert Pollard: Silverfish Trivia
Psycho and the Birds: We've Moved
The Celebrity Pilots: Spooky Action
The Library is on Fire: Cassette
George Griggs: Transmitter Man'[1]
Coffinberry: God Dam Dogs
Humphry Clinker: What’s the Story With the Knife?
The Sorrys: The Last Clear Thought Before You Fall Backwards

Robert Pollard: From a Compound Eye
Robert Pollard: Normal Happiness
Brian Lisik: Happiness is Boring
Clouds Forming Crowns: Race to the Blackout
Psycho and the Birds: All that is Holy
Psycho and the Birds: Check your Zoo EP

The Celebrity Pilots: Beneath the Pavement, a Beach!
Clouds Forming Crowns: self-titled
Circus Devils: FIVE
The Moping Swans: Lightning Head to Coffee Pot

Guided by Voices: Half Smiles of the Decomposed
Robert Pollard: Fiction Man
Clouds Forming Crowns: All the Pharmacies
Circus Devils: Pinball Mars

Guided by Voices: Earthquake Glue

Guided by Voices: Universal Truths and Cycles
Circus Devils: The harold pig memorial
Guided by Voices: The Pipe Dreams of Instant Prince Whippet

Circus Devils: Ringworm Interiors


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