Toddington Castle

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Toddington Castle
Toddington, Bedfordshire, England
Toddington Castle is located in Bedfordshire
Toddington Castle
Toddington Castle
Coordinates51°56′59″N 0°31′48″W / 51.9496°N 0.5299°W / 51.9496; -0.5299Coordinates: 51°56′59″N 0°31′48″W / 51.9496°N 0.5299°W / 51.9496; -0.5299
Grid referencegrid reference TL0113128916
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Toddington Castle, today known as "Conger Hill Motte", was a castle located in the village of Toddington, in the county of Bedfordshire, England.


It was a motte-and-bailey castle, made first of timber and later of stone, that dates from prior to the 13th century when it was listed as the stronghold of Sir Paulinus Pegure (Paul Pever). In records from 1597, it was referred to as "Toddington Conger Hill", most likely in reference to its use as a rabbit warren during the 16th century.

The site is a Scheduled Monument, classified as a medieval motte. Only earthworks remain.

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