Toddy Pond (Maine)

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Toddy Pond
Location Hancock County, Maine
Coordinates 44°32′N 68°37′W / 44.533°N 68.617°W / 44.533; -68.617Coordinates: 44°32′N 68°37′W / 44.533°N 68.617°W / 44.533; -68.617[1]
Basin countries United States
Max. length 8 mi (13 km)[2]
Max. width 1 km (1,100 yd)[3]
Surface area 2,408 acres (974 ha)[4]
Max. depth 122 feet (37 m)[2]
Water volume 49,989 acre⋅ft (61,661,000 m3)[4]
Surface elevation 164 ft (50 m)[1]

Toddy Pond is a long, narrow Maine lake with three basins. The southern basin extends from Blue Hill northward to the middle basin forming the boundary between Penobscot and Surry. The northern basin is in Orland, where US route 1 follows the shoreline of the northern tip of the pond. The north end of the pond overflows through Alamoosook Lake into the Orland River.[3] The northern basin cold-water habitat has a self-sustaining population of lake trout, and is stocked with splake, brown trout, and land-locked Atlantic salmon. Smallmouth bass and white perch thrive in the warmer water of the middle and southern basins. The pond is used by a spring spawning fun of alewife. There is a public boat launching site off highway 1 at the north end of the pond.[2]


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