Todzha Lake

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Todzha Lake
Azas Lake
Location Tuva
Coordinates 52°24′N 96°30′E / 52.4°N 96.5°E / 52.4; 96.5Coordinates: 52°24′N 96°30′E / 52.4°N 96.5°E / 52.4; 96.5
Primary inflows Azas River
Primary outflows Toora-Khem River
Basin countries Russia
Surface area 51.6 km2 (19.9 sq mi)
Frozen early November - second half of May

Todzha Lake, also known as Azas Lake (Russian: Тоджа, Азас), is a lake in Tuva in Russia. The lake has a surface area of 51.6 km2 (19.9 sq mi). The Azas River flows into and the Toora-Khem River flows out of Todzha Lake. The lake freezes in early November and remains icebound until the second half of May.

This article includes content derived from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 1969–1978, which is partially in the public domain.