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A toe is a digit of the foot of a human or animal.

Toe or TOE may also refer to:


  • North Toe River, a large stream in the North Carolina High Country
  • South Toe River, a stream in Yancy County in Western North Carolina
  • The Toe, a landmark on Nelson Island in the South Shetland Islands


  • Hector Toe Blake (1912-1995), Canadian ice hockey player and coach
  • Lou Groza (1924–2000), nicknamed "The Toe", American football placekicker
  • Toe Nash (born 1982), American baseball player
  • Arcadia Martin Wesay Toe (born 1982), Liberian footballer (striker) playing currently for Dubai Club
  • Khin Maung Toe (1950-2012), Burmese singer and songwriter
  • Nay Toe (born 1981), Burmese film actor and comedian

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