Toe Rag Studios

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Toe Rag Studios
IndustryRecording industry
GenreRecording studio
Shoreditch, London, England
FounderLiam Watson, Josh Collins

Toe Rag Studios is an analogue recording studio located in Hackney, London, England.


The studio was founded in 1991 by Liam Watson and Josh Collins in the Shoreditch area of London. In 1997, the business relocated to Hackney due to rising overheads.[1] Although the studio didn't open exclusively in the analogue market, it was formed to eventually only use analogue equipment (despite the cost), as "there were loads of [cheap digital studios] opening up all the time and then closing down every week because they didn't really offer anything unique".[2]


Toe Rag offers clients music production using eight-track multitrack recording technology, and all recording media is magnetic tape.


Recording is centred on an EMI REDD.17 mixing console (originally from Abbey Road Studios)[3] and Studer A80 tape machine, as well as microphones by Neumann, Reslo and STC. Monitoring is performed through Tannoy loudspeakers. Vintage backline includes Vox and Fender amplifiers, and instruments include Farfisa and Hammond organs, as well as a 1965 Ludwig drum kit.[4]

As well as hardware, the studio's live room was specially built to maximise the acoustic properties. In addition to this, the studio makes use of echo chambers.

Notable clients[edit]


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