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A group of Tofalars
Total population
762 (2010)
Regions with significant populations
Irkutsk Oblast (Siberia, Russia)
 Russia761 (2010)[1]
 Ukraine18 (2001)[2]
Tofalar, Russian
Shamanism, Orthodox Christianity
(Russian Orthodox Church), Animism
Related ethnic groups
other Turkic peoples, Sayan people

Tofalars (Тофалары, тофа (tofa) in Russian; formerly known as карагасы, or Karagas), or the "Tofa people", are a Turkic people in the Irkutsk Oblast in Russia. Their origins, Tofa language, and culture are close to those of the eastern Tuvans-Todzhins. Before the 1917 October Revolution, the Tofalars used to be engaged in nomadic, living in the taiga; they engaged in reindeer husbandry and hunting. The Tofalars were resettled by the Soviet government by 1932. Young Tofalars learned Russian at new Soviet-built schools, while cultural traditions such as hunting and shamanism were discouraged or prohibited. According to the 2010 census, there were 762 Tofalars in Russia (2,828 in 1926, 476 in 1959, 570 in 1970, 576 in 1979, 722 in 1989 and 837 in 2002).

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