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Toffifee manekineko.jpg
A large box of Toffifee candies, purchased in the United Kingdom in April 2007
Product type Confectionery
Owner August Storck
Country Germany
Introduced 1973
Markets Worldwide
Tagline "...there's so much fun in Toffifee!"

Toffifee (known in the United States as Toffifay) is a German brand of caramel candies, owned by the Berlin-based German company August Storck KG. Toffifee are caramel cups containing nougat, caramel and a hazelnut, topped with a chocolate button.[1] They are sold in 4, 12, 15, 24, 30, 48 and 96 piece boxes.

First sold in West Germany and Austria in 1973, Toffifee were marketed as a product "for the whole family". By 2016, Toffifee were being sold in over 100 countries.


  1. ^ "A smart shell with a rich inside"

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