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Toft is a placename and surname of Norse origin. Place-names ending in -toft are usually derivations of the Old Norse word topt meaning ″site of a house, farm″. As a place-name and place-name particle, it occurs in Denmark and Scania (as -toft[e]), in England,[1] Shetland and Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, (as -toft), in Sweden (as -tofta) and in Normandy, France, (as -tot). Its root is Proto-Germanic *tumftō ″site of a house, farm″, itself from Indo-European *dm̥ptā́-, compound (*dm̥-pt-ā́-) with the roots *dm̥-, basis of *dem(ǝ)- « house » + *pt- < *pd- from *ped- « foot », related to Latin domus ″house″, dominus ″master″, dominium > domain.[2]

Toft may refer to:


  • Albert Toft (1862-1949), English sculptor
  • Arve Toft (born 1966), Norwegian trade unionist
  • Claude Toft (1922–1981) Irish politician and Mayor of Galway
  • Henrik Toft (born 1981), Danish professional football player
  • Henry Toft (1909–1987), English rugby union international (a.k.a. Herbert Toft, Bert Toft or H B Toft)
  • Juergen Toft (born 1943), German physician
  • Karl Toft, Canadian sex offender
  • Malcolm Toft, English audio engineer
  • Mary Toft (1701–1763), English woman involved in a medical hoax
  • Omar Toft (1886-1921), American racecar driver
  • Rolf Toft (born 1992), Danish footballer
  • Sandra Toft (born 1989), Danish handball player
  • Thomas Toft (d.1698), English potter
  • C. A. Toft, binomial authority, has named a toad
Given name



Lowestoft, Suffolk



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