Together (2009 film)

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Together Official Poster.jpg
Official Poster
Directed by Eicke Bettinga
Produced by Zorana Piggott
Written by Eicke Bettinga
Zorana Piggott
Starring Matt Smith
John Vine
Amanda Boxer
Guy Flanagan
Music by Rhett Brewer
Cinematography André Götzmann
Edited by Dan Robinson
Oliver Szyza
Release date
Running time
14 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Together is a short film drama directed by Eicke Bettinga, starring Matt Smith. The film premiered in the International Critics' Week[1] section at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.


A year after his brother's death, Rob discovers that the only way to help his father cope with the loss is to "force" his affection onto him.

Critical reception[edit]

"How fine is the line that separates an unilateral embrace from a struggle? Eicke Bettinga reinvents the elaboration of a loss, starting from suffused grief to explode in a climax where the only language that still seems to have any meaning is that of the body." - Milano Film Festival.[2]

"Together focuses the narrative on an emotional build-up rather than on momentous explanations and futile dialogue. Gazes, pauses, and gestures reveal more about the relationships than words could suggest." - Nisimazine, Cannes 2009.



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