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Together for Yes
Together for Yes logo.png
Formation22 March 2018 (2018-03-22)
TypePro-choice lobby group

Together for Yes (TFY) is an abortion rights campaign group in Ireland. It campaigned successfully for a Yes vote in the 2018 referendum to ratify the Thirty-sixth Amendment, which removed the Eighth Amendment's constitutional ban on abortion in Ireland.[1][2][3][4]


The group is an umbrella organisation, bringing together over 70 diverse civil society bodies. The core member groups with representatives on the board are:[1][5]

Additional groups include:


When the project was launched, a crowd funding campaign was started with a target of €50,000. This was met within hours, and reached €500,000 within four days. As of 26th of April, Together for Yes had raised over €800,000.[9][10]


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1.^ Fine Gael is co-ordinating a campaign for Yes-supporting party members, which was formally launched on 21 April 2018 by Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris. The campaign is supporting Together for Yes rather than putting up posters of its own.

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