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DissolvedMarch 11, 2012
Founder(s)Mandeep Dhillon & Rajveer Tut

Togetherville was a social networking site geared toward youngsters under age 13 years and their family and friends who use the more popular social networking site Facebook.[1]

Founded in 2008 by Mandeep Dhillon and Rajveer Tut, Togetherville was released in public beta on May 19, 2010.[2] Through online neighborhoods built around each child, the site provides children the experience of an adult social networking site like Facebook.[3]

On February 25, 2011, The Walt Disney Company purchased Togetherville.[4] Mandeep Dhillon became Vice President of TogetherVille and Vice President of Strategy at Disney Interactive.

Togetherville was discontinued on March 11, 2012.[5]


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