Toggenburg goat

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Conservation status no concern
Other names
  • Toggenburger
  • Toggenburger Ziege
  • Chèvre du Toggenbourg
  • Capra del Toggenburgo
Country of origin Switzerland
Distribution worldwide
Standard Schweizerischer Ziegenzuchtverband
Use milk
  • Male: 75 kg[1]
  • Female: 55 kg[1]
  • Male: 85 cm[1]
  • Female: 75 cm[1]
Horn status horned or hornless
Tassels with or without tassels
  • Goat
  • Capra aegagrus hircus
A Toggenburg doe

The Toggenburg or Toggenburger is a Swiss breed of dairy goat. Its name derives from that of the Toggenburg region of the Canton of St. Gallen, where it is thought to have originated. It is among the most productive breeds of dairy goat.


In 2006, in Switzerland where the breed was officially recognized in 1892, there were 850 goats in the Toggenburg and the Werdenberg region of 3000 in Switzerland, which is down from 20,000 in the 1950s. The club St. Gallen Goat Breeders Association, that was founded in 1901, registers the breed. The Verein Ziegenfreunde was formed to protect the breed and unite breed owners.[2]

The Toggenburg breed underwent a development program when introduced to Britain; the resulting British Toggenburgs are heavier and have improved milk quality. By the middle of 2002, 4146 Toggenburgs had been registered with the New Zealand Dairy Goat Breeders Association,[3]


The Toggenburg is of medium size. Coat colour ranges from light brown to mouse grey, with white Swiss markings to the face, lower legs and tail area.[1] Tassels may be present; billies and nannies may be horned or hornless.[1] The facial profile may be concave or straight, but not convex.[4]


The Toggenburg is a highly productive dairy breed. The breed standard calls for minimum milk yield of 740 kg per lactation, with a minimum fat content of 3.56% and minimum protein content of 2.90%.[1]


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