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An aerial view of Togo

Togo is a village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Togo is located 800 metres (12 mile) west of the Manitoba border and about 72 km (45 mi) northeast of Yorkton. At the 2011 census, it had 87 inhabitants.[1]

In 1906 the Russo-Japanese war was being waged and two names stood out, Admiral Togo of the Japanese fleet and Admiral Makaroff of Russia. In 1906 Pelly Siding was incorporated as a village and renamed Togo after the Japanese admiral, and the next town to the east on the CNR line (5 miles) was named Makaroff (Manitoba) in honour of the Russian admiral.

Despite the small population, Togo still maintains a post office, Lutheran church, credit union, curling/skating rink, drop-in centre, and small hotel with bar. Besides farming locals often spend their time fishing (see: Lake of the Prairies) or playing hockey.

There used to be several grain elevators located just off the railway. Saskatchewan was home to many farmers over the past century.

Togo railway station receives Via Rail service.

NHL player Ted Hampson is from the town.

Reginald John Marsden Parker from Togo served as the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan.

In April 2013, a passenger train derailed near the village.[2] No one was injured.[3]


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