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Revised RomanizationTohamsan
Bell on Tohamsan

Toham Mountain or Toham-san is a mountain with a height of 745 m (2,444 ft) in Gyeongju City in southeastern South Korea. It is part of the minor Dongdae Mountains range. The mountain lies within Gyeongju National Park and is the site of a large number of historic relics. The Silla-era Buddhist shrines of Bulguksa and Seokguram are on its slopes. The mountain stands at the intersection of three subdivisions of Gyeongju: Bulguk-dong, Bodeok-dong, and Yangbuk-myeon. The Sea of Japan can be seen from the peak, as can Gyeongju Basin, which includes the city center.[1]

During the Silla period, Toham mountain was referred to as Dongak (東嶽), literally meaning "East Big Mountain", and considered a guardian mountain of the country, so that major rituals were held.[1]

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Coordinates: 35°45′24″N 129°22′25″E / 35.75667°N 129.37361°E / 35.75667; 129.37361