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The neck of Toilet Duck brand toilet cleaner

Toilet Duck is a brand name toilet cleaner noted for the duck-shape of its bottle, so shaped to assist in dispensing the cleaner under the rim. The design was patented in the 1980s by Walter Düring from Dällikon, Switzerland.[1][2] It is now produced by S. C. Johnson & Son.

The Toilet Duck brand can be found in the United States, United Kingdom and other countries around the world. In Germany, it is known as WC-Ente, previously produced by Henkel,[3] and now by S. C. Johnson (Germany),[4] in the Netherlands and Flanders as "Wc-eend", in France as "Canard-WC", in Spain as "Pato WC", in Portugal as "WC Pato" and in Italy as "Anitra WC", in Indonesia as "Bebek" series such as Bebek Kloset, Bebek Semerbak, Bebek Semerbak Flush, Bebek In Tank, and Bebek Kamar Mandi.

Toilet Duck is now called 'Duck' in the UK and Ireland, as the "Toilet" moniker has been dropped from the name.



The following ingredients are part of all periodic Duck Toilet cleaning products[5]:

Depending on variant, some dyes and fragrances are used.

Advertising slogan[edit]

In the Netherlands, the advertising slogan "Wij van Wc-eend adviseren Wc-eend" ("We, the people at Toilet Duck, recommend Toilet Duck") was used in an advertising campaign that ended in 1996.[6] Over 20 years later the slogan is still being used as a general saying to dispute the independence of an expert when his statements align with his self-interest.


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