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Tōkaidō may refer to:

  • Taiheiyō Belt (also Tōkaidō corridor), the megalopolis in Japan extending from Ibaraki Prefecture to Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Tokaido (company), a Japanese company that manufactures karate uniforms, belts, and related products
  • Tōkaidō (region), a Japanese geographical term meaning both an ancient division of the country and the main road running through it
  • Tokaido, a board game designed by Antoine Bauza


  • Tōkaidō (road), the most important of the Five Routes of the Edo period in Japan
  • Tōkaidō Main Line, a major Japanese railway line of the Japan Railways Group network
  • Tokaido Shinkansen, a Japanese high-speed rail line that is part of the nationwide Shinkansen network

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