Tokar, Sudan

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Tokar is located in Sudan
Location in Sudan
Coordinates: 18°25′31″N 37°43′45″E / 18.42528°N 37.72917°E / 18.42528; 37.72917
Country Flag of Sudan.svg Sudan
Admin. division Red Sea State
Elevation 70 ft (20 m)

Tokar (Arabic: طوكر‎‎), also transliterated Tawkar, is a town of 40,000 people near the Red Sea in northeastern Sudan. Tokar Game Reserve lies to the east of the town.

The high temperature mean daily value, in the month of July, can reach 43°C (109°F), the low temperature mean daily value does not go under 28°C (82°F). In January the high tremperature mean daily value is 28°C (82°F) and the low temperature mean daily value is 20°C (68°F). The only rain in Tokar falls in the months of November, December, January and August. In the whole world only 48 locations are warmer than Tokar, and 166 are dryer.[2]

The town lies in the delta of the Baraka River. Since the 1860s cotton has been grown in the delta.[3]


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