Tokashiki Island

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Tokashiki Island
Native name:
トゥガイフィガイ (Tugaifigai)
Tokashiki Island gsi-200811.jpg
Tokashiki Island
Map of Kerama Islands.png
Map of Kerama Island
LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates26°11′52″N 127°21′52″E / 26.19778°N 127.36444°E / 26.19778; 127.36444Coordinates: 26°11′52″N 127°21′52″E / 26.19778°N 127.36444°E / 26.19778; 127.36444
ArchipelagoKerama Islands
PrefectureOkinawa Prefecture
Largest settlementTokashiki
Ethnic groupsRyukyuan, Japanese
Aharen beach on Tokashiki island

Tokashiki Island (渡嘉敷島, Tokashiki-jima, Okinawan: トゥガイフィガイ Tugaifigai)[1] is an island in the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Kerama Islands group and administered as the village of Tokashiki in Shimajiri District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It is the largest of the Kerama Islands.


Tokashiki is a hilly island of about 15.29 square kilometers with sheer cliffs which descend down to the seas.[2]