Tokhu Emong

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Tokhu Emong is a festival celebrated by the Lotha nagas. The lothas are one of the major tribes in Nagaland.Tohku Emong is celebrated in the first week of November every year and it lasts for 9 days. It is also called post harvest festival. This festival is associated with the harvesting of crops. It is also accompanied by folk dances and singing of old folk songs. It is a festival enjoyed by both the young and the old, praising the God's for their abundant blessings. Tokhu Emong is also a celebration about brotherhood, forgiveness and oneness. It is celebrated through sharing of food, gifts, folklore narration and a sumptuous community feast.

It is celebrated from the first of November till the 9th day. But, nowadays it is celebrated mainly on the 7th day of November marking the end of the harvest celebrations.