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Asako Toki (土岐麻子 Toki Asako?) is a Japanese singer and composer, born in 1976. She is the daughter of a Japanese jazz saxophone player, and she was the singer for the pop band Cymbals between 1997-2003. She often sings covers, such as Beatles' "All you need is love", or songs written especially for her, such as "Let the sunlight in" by Swedish singer/songwriter J.C. Schütz.

Discography as solo artist[edit]

  • 2010: Ranhansha Girl
  • 2009: Touch
  • 2008: Summerin'
  • 2007: Talkin'
  • 2006: Weekend Shuffle
  • 2005: Live @ Village Vanguard
  • 2005: Standards - Gift
  • 2004: Debut
  • 2004: Standards on the Sofa
  • 2004: Standards (mini album)

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