Tokimeki Memorial 2

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Tokimeki Memorial 2
Tokimeki Memorial 2 original cover art
Developer(s) KCET
Publisher(s) Konami
Composer(s) Mikio Saito
Atsushi Sato
Hana Hashikawa
Sayaka Yamaoka
Norikazu Miura
Series Tokimeki Memorial series
Platform(s) PlayStation, Mobile phones, PlayStation Network
Release date(s)
  • JP: November 25, 1999 (PS)
  • JP: 2007 (phones)
  • JP: November 25, 2009 (PSN)
Genre(s) Dating sim
Mode(s) Single player

Tokimeki Memorial 2 (ときめきメモリアル2 Tokimeki Memoriaru Tsū?) is a dating sim developed and published by Konami and the second game in the Tokimeki Memorial series.

Tokimeki Memorial 2 was released for the PlayStation in 1999. It came on 5 CDs, featuring unmatched graphics and voice acting and a groundbreaking "Emotional Voice System (EVS)" where the girls could pronounce the player's name. Only Hikari Hinamoto and Kasumi Asou have the ability to use the EVS system in the actual game. All the other girls' EVS data came on CDs that were free in the Tokimeki Memorial 2 magazine "Hibikino Watcher". Each of the first three magazines came with a CD which had three of the girl's data on it per CD (the chosen girls on the CDs were also the three girls on the corresponding magazine cover). All the girls from the game have EVS data with the exception of Maeka Kudanshita, who always refers to the main player as "Shounen" (Japanese for young lad). The game itself was a big hit in Japan. Its gameplay followed the same template as the first, but with lesser emphasis on the bombs and a greater emphasis on solving unique challenges specific to each girl. As a result, a different strategy had to be devised for every playthrough.

The game and EVS Append Disc was released in Japan for the PlayStation Store on November 25, 2009, exactly ten years after the game's original release date.[1][2]


Hikari Hinomoto (陽ノ下 光 Hinomoto Hikari?)
Voiced by Junko Noda
The main heroine of the game. She was the player's best friend until he moved away when he was 8. She is kind, cheerful, and energetic.
Kotoko Minazuki (水無月 琴子 Minazuki Kotoko?)
Voiced by Mami Kosuge
Hikari's best friend. She is an intelligent, serious person and is strongly opposed to Western influences.
Kasumi Asō (麻生 華澄 Asō Kasumi?)
Voiced by Misa Torii
Hikari and the player's older sister figure when they kids. She joins Hibikino High as the player's home room teacher in the second year.
Miyuki Kotobuki (寿 美幸 Kotobuki Miyuki?)
Voiced by Naoko Takano
A cheerful girl with a very long streak of bad luck.
Miho Shirayuki (白雪 美帆 Shirayuki Miho?)
Voiced by Hikari Tachibana
A polite, sweet girl who loves frogs and fortune telling. People occasionally come to her to have their fortunes told by her.
Kaori Yae (八重 花桜梨 Yae Kaori?)
Voiced by Kazusa Murai
A quiet, sad girl one year older than the player. She is often seen on the school's rooftop alone.
Kaedeko Sakura (佐倉 楓子 Sakura Kaedeko?)
Voiced by Chiaki Maeda
The klutzy, slightly chubby manager of the Hibikino High baseball team.
Mei Ijuin (伊集院 メイ Ijūin Mei?)
Voiced by Yukari Tamura)
The little sister of Rei Ijyuin from the first game. She becomes a student in the beginning of the second year. She is very haughty and, until the player gets to know her better, never seen without her butler.
Akane Ichimonji (一文字 茜 Ichimonji Akane?)
Voiced by Mayumi Nomura
A cheerful, poor girl who works a part-time job as a waitress to pay her way through school.
Homura Akai (赤井 ほむら Akai Homura?)
Voiced by Motoko Kumai
An energetic tomboy who loves video games and anime. She is also good friends with Akane as well as the school principal.
Maho Shirayuki (白雪 真帆 Shirayuki Maho?)
Voiced by Hikari Tachibana
Miho's twin sister who goes to Kirameki High. She looks much like her sister except for her bigger breasts.
Sumire Nozaki (野咲 すみれ Nozaki Sumire?)
Voiced by Emi Motoi
A talented circus performer who travels with her father, who runs the circus. She doesn't have many friends.
Maeka Kudanshita (九段下 舞佳 Kudanshita Maeka?)
Voiced by Miho Yamada
A delivery girl who's good friends with Kasumi.
Takumi Sakaki (坂城 匠 Sakaki Takumi?)
Voiced by Yuki Masuda
The information otaku of the school. He will give the player the girls' phone numbers, as well as basic information on them.
Jun'ichirō Hokari (穂刈 純一郎 Hokari Jun'ichirō?)
Voiced by Kenji Nojima
A friend of Takumi who practices kendo and is shy around women. In the Drama CDs, he has a crush on Kaedeko.


On release, Famitsu magazine scored the game a 33 out of 40.[3]


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