Tokio Hotel TV – Caught on Camera

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Tokio Hotel TV – Caught on Camera
Tokio Hotel TV Caught on Camera BTGG.jpg
Video by Tokio Hotel
Released 9 December 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre Pop rock[1][2]
Teen pop[3]
Language German
Label Island, Universal Music
Tokio Hotel chronology
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Tokio Hotel TV – Caught On Camera
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Tokio Hotel TV – Caught on Camera is a DVD released by the German band Tokio Hotel on 9 December 2008.[4][5] It provides an exclusive behind the scenes view of the Tokio Hotel's Concerts and the very best of Tokio Hotel TV.

Track listing[edit]

Standard Version[edit]

Track # Title[6]
1 "Intro"
2 "Tel Aviv, Paris, Cannes, Essen"
3 "TH-TV: MTV Europe Music Awards 2007"
4 "Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles"
5 "TH-TV: Climbing with Gustav and Georg"
6 "New York City"
7 "TH-TV: On the Kart Track with Tom, Gustav and Georg"
8 "New York City, Oberhausen"
9 "TH-TV: Hot Topics @ Hot Topic"
10 "TH-TV: Interview above the clouds"
11 "Lisbon, Paris"
12 "TH-TV: Shopping with Bill"
13 "Modena, Genf"
14 "Werchter, Mexico City"
15 "TH-TV: MTV VMA 2008: Music, Mayhem, Tokio Hotel"

Deluxe Version[edit]

The deluxe version also comes with a poster of the band inside the DVD box.

Track # Title[6]
1 "Interview - Part 1"
2 "TH TV: Desert, Dust & Gasoline: Quad Biking with Tokio Hotel!"
3 "Interview - Part 2"
4 "TH TV: Past Time Secrets and Future Sins!"
5 "Interview - Part 3"
6 "Bill and Tom in the studio"
7 "Interview - Part 4"
8 "TH TV: Back on Track: Bill's Revenge!?"
9 "Interview - Part 5"
10 "TH TV: Pain and Paint: Tokio Hotel pull the trigger!!!"

Limited Fan Package Version[edit]

This version comes with a deluxe version of the DVD plus a brand new T-shirt of the band to accompany.

Country Certification
Argentina Platinum
France (IFPI) 2x Platinum
Italy Gold
Portugal Gold


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