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Coordinates: 23°26′55.7″N 120°17′23.1″E / 23.448806°N 120.289750°E / 23.448806; 120.289750

Toko University
Toko University, sports ground (Chiayi, Taiwan).jpg
Motto 科技、智慧、創造、榮譽[1]
Motto in English
Science and technology, intelligence, creativity, honor
Type Private
Established August 2001
President Dr. Kuang-Hsun Shih[2]
Location Puzi, Chiayi County, Taiwan Province, Taiwan
Toko University
Traditional Chinese 稻江科技暨管理學院

Toko University (TOKO; Chinese: 稻江科技暨管理學院) is a private university located in Puzi City, Chiayi County, Taiwan.[3]


  • College of Technology and Design
  • College of Economy and Management
  • College of Human Ecology
  • Center for General Education[4]


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