Tokugawa Munetada

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Tokugawa.

Tokugawa Munetada (徳川 宗尹?, September 7, 1721 – January 13, 1765) was a Japanese samurai of the mid-Edo period who was the founder of the Hitotsubashi-Tokugawa family, one of the Gosankyō, the three lesser branches of the Tokugawa family. He was the fourth son of Tokugawa Yoshimune, the eighth shogun with his concubine, Oume no Kata. He is the grandfather of Tokugawa Ienari the eleventh shogun, His child-hood name was "Kogoro" and when Oume died at 1721, he was raised by his grandmother, Joenin until her death 1726 and later he was raised by Okume no Kata, Yoshimune's concubine. Munetada's wife was Tomohime (Akiko), the daughter of the imperial regent Ichijō Kaneka; she bore his eldest son, Shigemasa. Munetada also had a concubine by the name of Oyuka, who bore his sons Shigetomi, Harusada, Haruyuki, Kenzaburō, and his daughter Yasuhime (later, the wife of Shimazu Shigehide). His two other sons, Sennosuke and Kanejirō, were born by yet another concubine.

Preceded by
Hitotsubashi-Tokugawa family head
Succeeded by
Tokugawa Harusada