Tokuyama Station

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Tokuyama Station
West Japan Railway - Tokuyama Station - 01.JPG
Station building with large sign of Asahi Breweries
Location Miyuki-dōri 2, Shūnan, Yamaguchi
Operated by JR West
Opened 1897

Tokuyama Station (徳山駅 Tokuyama-eki?) is operated by JR West in Shūnan, Yamaguchi, and is a stopping point for the Sanyō Shinkansen and the Sanyō Main Line, and serves as the western terminus of Gantoku Line. It is located in central Shūnan, with the Tokuyama Port and the city office within walking distance.



The station has five regular tracks (for the Sanyō Main Line and the Gantoku Line) and two Shinkansen tracks, with two side platforms and one island platform serving the Sanyō Main Line, and part of one island platform serving the Gantoku line. These are located on the north east side of the station. The Shinkansen tracks are elevated and located on the south west side of the station. Each of the platforms is connected by an overpass at the southeast end of the station.


1  Sanyō Main Line for Yanai, Iwakuni, Hiroshima
3  Gantoku Line for Suō-Takamori, Kuga, Iwakuni
 Sanyō Main Line (sometimes used) for Yanai, Iwakuni, Hiroshima
for Hōfu, Shin-Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki
4  Sanyō Main Line for Hōfu, Shin-Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki
5  Sanyō Main Line for Hōfu, Shin-Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki
6  Sanyō Shinkansen for Hiroshima, Shin-Ōsaka, Tokyo
7  Sanyō Shinkansen for Kokura, Hakata, Kumamoto, Kagoshima-Chūō

Adjacent stations[edit]

West Japan Railway (JR West)

Sanyō Shinkansen
Shin-Iwakuni - Tokuyama - Shin-Yamaguchi
Sanyō Main Line
Kushigahama - Tokuyama - Shinnan'yō
Gantoku Line
Kushigahama - Tokuyama

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Coordinates: 34°03′05″N 131°48′09″E / 34.051358°N 131.802486°E / 34.051358; 131.802486