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Coordinates: 35°44′54″N 139°48′23″E / 35.74833°N 139.80639°E / 35.74833; 139.80639

Tokyo Denki University
Tokyo Denki University.jpg
Former name
Denki Gakko (1907–1939)
Tokyo Denki Technical High School (1939–1944)
Denki Technical College (1944–1949)
CampusAdachi, Tokyo
Hatoyama, Saitama
Inzai, Chiba (in Japanese)

Tokyo Denki University (東京電機大学, Tōkyō denki daigaku) is a private university in Adachi, Tokyo, Japan. The predecessor of the school was founded in 1907 as Denki Gakkō (電機学校). It was chartered as a university in 1949 with Yasujiro Niwa as first president. Denki (電機) means an electric device in Japanese, and the university is dedicated to science and technology.

Notable alumni[edit]

In popular culture[edit]

  • In the visual novel Steins;Gate, characters Okabe Rintaro and Hashida Itaru attend the university.[6]


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