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The Tokyo Expressway (東京高速道路, Tōkyō Kōsoku Dōro), also known as the KK Expressway, is a short (2 km) untolled expressway in central Tokyo that is owned and maintained by Tokyo Kōsoku Dōro K.K. It runs in a semicircular loop around the Ginza district of Chūō-ku. The loop is closed by part of the Shuto Expressway Inner Circular Route.

Exit list[edit]

Municipality Exit/interchange name Destinations Notes
Chūō-ku Shiodome JCT Route C1 to Haneda access to C1 outer loop and from C1 inner loop only
Chūō-ku Shimbashi Ginza-8 southbound exit/northbound entrance
Chūō-ku Dobashi northbound entrance only
Chūō-ku Nishi-ginza JCT Yaesu Route to Kita-ikebukuro access from northbound only
Chūō-ku Nishi-ginza southbound entrance only
Chūō-ku Shin-kyobashi Kyobashi-3 northbound exit only
Chūō-ku Higashi-ginza Ginza-1 (Ginza-dori) southbound exit only
Chūō-ku Kyobashi JCT Route C1 to Ueno access to C1 inner loop and from C1 outer loop only


  • The 0.3 km segment between Shiodome Junction and the Shimbashi exit is technically part of the Shuto Expressway system (designated as part of the Yaesu Route).
  • The 0.1 km segment between Kyobashi Junction and the Higashi-ginza exit is also part of the Shuto Expressway system and is designated as a branch line of the Inner Circular Route (Planning Route No. 8)

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