Tokyo Gakuen High School

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Tokyo Gakuen High School
Tokyo Commercial School
6-12-25, Shimomeguro, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo
Type Private high school
Motto 不撓不屈 (friendship, cooperation, independence)
Established 1889
Principal Mr. Sudou Tsutomu
Grades 9-12
Affiliation Prefectural

Tokyo Gakuen High School (東京学園高等学校?, "Tokyo Gakuen High School") is a high school in Japan. The traditional school uniform is a basic black gakuran with brass buttons while the summer version consists of gray pants and a white shirt. The school is divided into three semesters in a typical year of studies. Gas pumps are used for the purpose of heating and air conditioning the entire school. This school also has consistently maintained a boys-only policy despite an increased number of gender equality measures being carried out.

Famous Japanese choreographer Shigeki Majima also attended this high school.

Monthly tuition for this high school is between ¥30,000 ($374.18 USD) to ¥34,000 ($424.06 USD) per month.


The high school was known as Tokyo Commercial High School (東京商業高等学校?, "Tokyo Commercial High School") between 1939 and 1973. This school was established in the Japanese era of 22 Meiji (1889 A.D.), and became one of Japan's first private commercial schools. Kenji Hamada was one of the co-founders of this school. Due to the changing times of the society that was built around the school, the format was changed from a commercial high school to a private high school with conventional courses in 1973. Founded in 1889, the school is a primarily a boys-only school and was born in a public-private initiative. Night classes were started in the year 1921 as a way to act as a commercial school for older students. The school celebrated its centennial anniversary in the year 1989.

Further expansion of the school was made in 2000 with the addition of another building to the campus. Recruitment for "special promotion" courses ceased during that year and all recruitment for "business information" courses stopped in the year 2009.


Foreign exchange students are sent to the United Kingdom and Australia (Brisbane) to brush up on their English language skills that will become necessary in the working world. A variety of courses exist in this high school includes: arts, science, liberal arts, English, mathematics, and World History. The school comes equipped with a Kendo field, a library with 18000 books, an audio-visual room, two computer-oriented classrooms, and a gymnasium (used primarily for physical education classes).

Baseball, bowling, Olympic-style weightlifting, and Sumo are amongst the other extracurricular activities in this high school.


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