Tokyo Shukyu-Dan

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Tokyo Shukyu-Dan
Full nameTokyo Shukyu-Dan
LeagueTokyo Shakaijin League Div. 1

Tokyo Shukyu-Dan (東京蹴球団, Tōkyō Shūkyū Dan, lit. "Tokyo Soccer Club") is a Japanese football club based in Tokyo.

It is the oldest Japanese football club, founded in 1917, and it was the first to win the Emperor's Cup, the top national cup in Japan. Very much like Sheffield F.C. in England or Queen's Park F.C. in Scotland, its staunch amateur ideals forced it by the wayside as company clubs, and later fully professionalized clubs, took over the game.

The club now participates in the Tokyo Shakaijin League Division 1, seventh level of the Japanese football league system, since its founding in 1967. It earned second place in 1978 and 1983. Its farm team, Tōshū club also participates in the prefectural league.



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