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Tokyopop magazine, originally named MixxZine, was a manga anthology published in North America by Tokyopop.

MixxZine at the start published five series, two of which were shōjo and two of which were seinen:

As the seinen and shōjo content were hard to reconcile,[citation needed] and Mixx wanted to refocus the magazine towards high school and university/college-aged readers, Sailor Moon was taken out of the anthology and moved to Smile.[1]

When Ice Blade concluded, Sorcerer Hunters filled the slot in the magazine.[2]

When MixxZine was renamed Tokyopop in July 1999, the focus was changed to an "Asian culture magazine", which included manga and articles on J-pop, video games, and anime. Only a few manga titles were published in the magazine until it was discontinued in 2000.