Toledo Subdivision

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Toledo Subdivision
OwnerCSX Transportation
TypeFreight rail
SystemCSX Transportation
Route numberTO
Operator(s)CSX Transportation
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge

The Toledo Subdivision is a railroad line owned and operated by CSX Transportation in the U.S. state of Ohio. The line runs from Hamilton (north of Cincinnati) north to Perrysburg (near Toledo)[1] along a former Baltimore and Ohio Railroad line.

The south end of the Toledo Subdivision is at the north end of the Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision, near the east end of the Indianapolis Subdivision. It's north end is at the south end of the Toledo Terminal Subdivision. In between, it junctions with the Middletown Subdivision at New Miami, the Indianapolis Line Subdivision at Sidney, and the Garrett Subdivision at Deshler. [2]

Toledo Subdivision Information[edit]

Info Notes
Operators on 160.2300 mhz
Controlled by the LA dispatcher 160.2900 mhz
Location Between Hamilton, Ohio - Perrysburg, Ohio (167.8 miles)
Subdivision Partial Single Track & Partial Double Track
Defect Detectors 9


South of Dayton, the Toledo Subdivision was opened by the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad in 1851.[3][4] Later that decade in 1858, the Dayton and Michigan Railroad opened, continuing the line to Toledo.[5] The lines passed to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and CSX through leases and mergers.

Milepost list[edit]

Mile Post (Northbound) Station Name Notes
25.4 Hamilton Depot Jct.Indianapolis Subdivision
Begin of CSX Toledo Subdivision/End of CSX Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision - Butler St. to Winton Place
25.81 Butler St. Interlocker Connection w/Norfolk Southern New Castle District
27.7 New River Junction Defect Detector (KWH466) (39.422228/-84.542519)
28.0 New River Junction Connection w/Norfolk Southern New Castle District
29.0 New River Yard Jct.Middletown Subdivision
30.4 Overpeck Junction Overpeck Cutoff
32.4 (north end double track) Trenton, Ohio
41.1 SoutheastCarlisle, Ohio
43.9 NortheastCarlisle, Ohio 11,250 ft. signaled siding
49.0 Miamisburg, Ohio
51.3 Whitfield, Ohio Defect Detector (KNJN991) (39.673441/-84.275454
54.9 (south end double track) SD Cabin
57.8 South Dayton Yard Connection w/CSX Transportation Stillwater Industrial Track
58.3 (north end double track) MC Cabin
58.7 Great Miami River Thru Truss Bridge
60.0 (south end double track) E.Second StreetDayton, Ohio
62.4 NorthDayton, Ohio
63.4 Needmore Yard 8350 ft. signaled siding
64.9 (north end double track) Needmore, Ohio
66.5 SoutheastVandalia, Ohio 7200 ft. south end siding with intermediate crossover
68.1 MiddleVandalia, Ohio 15,300 ft. north end siding with intermediate crossover
70.7 Vandalia, Ohio Defect Detector (KNJN991) (39.914556/-84.169648
74.2 SoutheastTipp City, Ohio
75.0 Tipp City, Ohio 5050 ft. controlled siding
75.4 NortheastTipp City, Ohio
77.7 SoutheastTroy, Ohio
79.2 NortheastTroy, Ohio 5950 ft. controlled siding
80.3 Connection w/CSX Transportation P&T Industrial Track
84.4 SoutheastPiqua, Ohio
87.2 NortheastPiqua, Ohio 11,700 ft. signaled siding
87.3 NortheastPiqua, Ohio
94.8 Kirkwood, Ohio Defect Detector (KNJN989/WPHZ704) (40.244034/-84.180899)
96.5 (south end double track) Sidney Junction Connection w/CSX Transportation Sidney Connecting Track to Indianapolis Line Subdivision Great Lakes Division
102.7 (north end double track) SW Cabin
110.5 SoutheastBotkins, Ohio 3650 ft. controlled siding
111.2 NortheastBotkins, Ohio
115.1 SoutheastWapakoneta, Ohio
117.0 Wapakoneta, Ohio 9775 ft. controlled siding
117.1 Wapakoneta, Ohio Connection w/CSX Transportation Wapakoneta Industrial Track
118.1 Wapakoneta, Ohio Defect Detector (KNJN991) (40.576954/-84.187860)
127.0 Southeast Erie Junction Siding
128.6 10500 ft. siding
129.2 Erie Junction Connection w/Norfolk Southern Lima District, CSX Transportation South Lima Yard & Lima Belt
130.9 NS Tower Jct. w/Norfolk Southern Lima District & Chicago, Ft.Wayne, & Eastern Railroad Lima Subdivision
131.43 E.Flanders Ave.
132.0 Lima Yard Lima Yard East Yard
133.7 Lima Yard Lima Yard West Yard
134.5 DT&I Junction Jct.Indiana & Ohio Railway DT&I North Line
135.5 SouthCairo, Ohio 7081 ft. west siding
136.6 MiddleCairo, Ohio 6916 ft. east siding
138.3 NorthCairo, Ohio
140.3 Columbus Grove, Ohio Defect Detector (KNIF419)


142.6 Columbus Grove, Ohio
151.5 Kleman, Ohio Connection w/Indiana & Ohio Railway Ottawa Loop
155.1 XN Tower Connection w/Indiana & Ohio Railway DT&I North Line
156.7 Leipsic Junction Jct.w/Norfolk Southern Fostoria District
158.2 NorthLeipsic, Ohio 12,350 ft. siding
160.6 Belmore, Ohio Defect Detector (41.153420/-83.942060)


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