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Tolex is the trade name of a flexible, water-proof, vinyl material used to cover upholstery In Henney-Packard Hearses & Ambulances of the 50's and Fender amplifiers, Coffin Case guitar cases and guitar cases from the 1960s onwards.

Tolex was filed as a trademark on August 30, 1945 by the General Tire, and is currently registered as "a plastic sheet and film material for book binding and case covering for speakers and amplifiers".

Tolex was also used in marine upholstery applications found in classic Packard automobiles, hearses, ambulances and Chris-Craft models and other boats.

The term "Tolex" is often used as a generic description for any amplifier or guitar case vinyl-type covering, and most are not actually Tolex brand except for Fender and Rickenbacker related products.