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Tolga Örnek (born 25 August 1972) is a Turkish film director, writer and producer who, in recognition of his 2005 documentary, Gallipoli, was awarded an honorary medal in the general division of the Order of Australia.[1][1]

He studied at the Robert College, and later at the Istanbul Technical University. He received his MS in Engineering from the University of Florida and his MA from American University in Film and Video Production. Since his "Gallipoli" documentary he's moved into feature films, producing, directing and writing four feature films. He is the director of Losers' Club which is one of the highest grossing Turkish films ever produced. His film "Labyrinth" an action thriller has received wide international acclaim and has been distributed worldwide.


  • Atatürk (1998)
  • Kuruluştan Kurtuluşa Fenerbahçe (1999)
  • Topkapı Sarayı (1999)
  • Tanrıların Tahtı Nemrut Dağı (2000)
  • Çeliğin Kalbi Ereğli (2001)
  • Gallipoli (Gelibolu) (2005)
  • Hittites (2003)
  • Devrim Arabaları (2008)
  • Losers' Club (2011)
  • "Labyrinth" (2011)
  • "Your Story" (2013)


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