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Toll Brothers, Inc.
Traded as NYSETOL
Industry Homebuilding
Predecessor predecessors of the company operated from 1967
Founded May 1986 (1986-05)
Founder Robert I. Toll
Bruce E. Toll
Headquarters Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States
Key people
Products single-family detached and attached residences
  • Increase US$2.67 billion (2013)
  • US$1.88 billion (2012)
  • Increase US$201.1 million (2013)
  • (US$63.4 million) (2012)
  • Decrease US$170.6 million (2013)
  • US$487.1 million (2012)
Number of employees
2,117 (2010)
Footnotes / references

Toll Brothers is an American real estate company based in Horsham, Pennsylvania. It operates primarily as a builder of luxury homes in major metropolitan areas in the contiguous United States.[2] It is a publicly-traded company and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Company overview[edit]

Toll Brothers builds customized single and attached luxury homes primarily through land that it acquires and develops.[3] The company was established in May 1986 as a Delaware corporation, but claims original foundation in 1967.[2]

On April 30, 2014, the company had over $360 million in cash and marketable securities, total assets of over $8.2 billion and shareholders' equity of $3.6 billion.[4]

As of October 2012, Toll Brothers operated 111 fully owned subsidiary companies and had active partnerships with 211 companies.[5] It has subsidiaries for land development, engineering, marketing, golf course development and management, architecture, mortgaging, title insurance and landscaping. Toll Commercial and Toll Brothers Realty Trust are subsidiaries for commercial property; Gibraltar Capital and Asset Management buys existing real estate portfolios.[2]

As of January 2016 Toll Brothers operates in 50 markets across 19 U.S. states.[6]

In 2015, Builder Magazine ranked Toll Brothers 10th in their Top 100 based on 2014 revenue of $3.912 billion.[7]


Toll Brothers was founded in 1967 in Pennsylvania by Robert I. Toll and Bruce E. Toll. Bob Toll received a law degree from University of Pennsylvania and his B.A. from Cornell University, while his brother Bruce had an accounting degree from the University of Miami. Their father, Albert, built homes and the brothers believed that the new home industry had more to offer. Bruce was just 24 at the time.[8]

In 1982 Toll Brothers expanded to New Jersey. In 1986 Toll Brothers incorporated with a public offering raising $40 million.[9]


In January 2015 Toll Brothers acquired Gramercy Park site to expand its presence in New York City. [10]

In 2014 Toll Brothers doubled its presence in Houston through the purchase of a 3,700 acre parcel known as the Sienna South project which is planned to be used for about 6,500 homes.[11]

In November 2013 Toll Brothers agreed to buy Shapell Industries for roughly $1.6 billion. The acquisition delivered an additional 5,200 lots in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas.[12]

In 2011 Toll Brothers Inc. acquired Seattle builder CamWest Development LLC for an undisclosed cash price.[13]


Toll Brothers was named the Most Admired Home Building Company in Fortune magazine's survey of the World's Most Admired Companies for 2015.[14] Toll Brothers were ranked by Fortune as the 39th fastest growing company in 2014.[15]

In 2014 Builder Magazine[16] and in 2012 Professional Builder Magazine[17] named Toll Brothers 'Builder of the Year'. [18]


Toll Brothers was sued in April 2007 by investors claiming they were misled by directors about demand for new home construction and alleging that "Toll Brothers misled them regarding the company's ability to manage the downturn in the U.S. residential real estate market."[19] On November 4, 2010, the suit was settled for $25 million, though Toll Brothers did not admit any wrongdoing.[20]

Toll Brothers has also been accused of fraud and substandard construction by residents of the Northside Piers development in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have complained that "walls are leaky and poorly insulated; mold is growing in the walls; and there is faulty plumbing, sewage, heating and air-conditioning systems."[21] The Northside Piers project gained notoriety in September 2007 when it caught fire during construction.[22]

In 2012, the company was required to pay a penalty of $741,000 for numerous alleged violations of the Clean Water Act, including more than 600 relating to runoff of stormwater at its building sites, among them sites in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.[23]


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