Toll Yagami

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Toll Yagami
Birth nameTakashi Higuchi
Also known asToru Yagami
Born (1962-08-19) August 19, 1962 (age 56)
OriginTakasaki, Gunma, Japan
InstrumentsDrums, vocals
Years active1977–present
Associated actsBuck-Tick, Yagami Toll & The Blue Sky, SP, Shout
WebsiteOfficial website

Toll Yagami (ヤガミ トール, Yagami Toll, born August 19, 1962 in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan) is a Japanese musician. Known as the drummer of the rock band Buck-Tick since 1985.[1] He is the older brother of Yutaka Higuchi, Buck-Tick's bassist.


Toll Yagami is not his real name, in his own words; "he will not reveal his real name because he is selling music, not himself". He dropped out of high school in the tenth grade. Toll's first bands were called Shout and Spots (later known as SP). In 1984 when all Buck-Tick members moved to Tokyo, except Atsushi Sakurai, Sakurai asked Toll if he could join SP as vocalist, but was refused. A year later, when B-T's vocalist Araki was fired and Sakurai replaced him, Yutaka then convinced Toll to join as their drummer.[2]

Throughout Buck-Tick's long career, his only writing credits have been lyrics for two songs; "Feast of Demoralization" (on Taboo) and "Dizzy Moon" (on Aku no Hana). Toll is the head of Banker, the management company that Buck-Tick formed in 1996.

Genet, vocalist of Japanese goth band Auto-Mod, is good friends with Yagami and occasionally writes about him on his blog. Yagami supported Auto-Mod at their live at Shinjuku Loft in 2006 (the live was part of a set of shows celebrating the venue's 30th anniversary.) Selia, the backup vocalist, was introduced to Buck-Tick through Genet and performed backing vocals on the songs "Mr. Darkness and Mrs. Moonlight" and "Revolver" on Buck-Tick's 2007 album Tenshi no Revolver.[3][4]

Yagami Toll & The Blue Sky[edit]

Yagami Toll & The Blue Sky (stylized as Yagami toll & The Blue Sky) is a side-project started by Toll in 2004. It consists of himself as drummer and vocalist, Jose Tino PePe and Mr. Big Dig as The Blue Sky, and Alex Tamagi and James Norwood as the Optical Surfers on bass, guitar, keyboards. Other vocalists such as Suzu and Mike also appear.

Only one album has been released, 1977/Blue Sky, on July 28, 2004. The album is said to be a highly personal album. Toll's inspiration being dealing with the loss of his older brother, who died in a motorcycle accident in May 1977.

Toll was inspired at an early age by classic rock such as The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Deep Purple. He held drum clinics in Japan in May 1994 and the summer of 1999. He has also played on the album Super Rock Summit ~Tengoku he no Kaidan~ (tribute album for John Bonham of Led Zeppelin), performing the song "Hot Dog".


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