Tolland High School

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Tolland High School
1 Eagle Hill
Tolland, Connecticut, Connecticut, (Tolland County) 06084
Coordinates 41°52′18″N 72°20′23″W / 41.8717929°N 72.3396133°W / 41.8717929; -72.3396133Coordinates: 41°52′18″N 72°20′23″W / 41.8717929°N 72.3396133°W / 41.8717929; -72.3396133
Type Public school
Motto Strive for Excellence
Opened 1969
School district Tolland School District
Principal Dominique Fox
Faculty 64
Grades 9-12
Number of students 828 (2017)
Campus Suburban
Color(s) Blue, White and Red             
Team name Eagles
Newspaper The Eagle's View
Yearbook Eyrie

Tolland High School is a public high school in Tolland, Connecticut.


In 1969, Tolland High School (THS) opened as the first all electric high school in the state of Connecticut. In its first year, there were only 3 grades: 9th, 10th, and 11th.

In 2002, the Tolland Board of Education recommended the construction of a new building for THS. Voters approved the $56.6 million construction in June 2003 with a vote of 2,302 to 2,083. In 2006, THS moved to a new building on the same road. Improvements over the old building included a larger auditorium, new furniture, new sports fields, and a technology wing. [1]

According to USNews, there are 828 enrolled as of April 2017, resulting in a Student:Teacher Ratio of 14:1. Tolland High School has a graduation rate of 98%[2]

Tolland Alternative Learning Center (TALC)[edit]

The Tolland Alternative Learning Center (TALC) is an alternative education program at the Tolland High School that helps struggling students graduate high school, initiated in January 2004. The students take classes from 3pm-7pm.[3]

Notable alumni[edit]


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