Tollbridge Technologies

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Tollbridge Technologies, Inc
Industry Computer networking
Founded 1998
Headquarters Santa Clara, CA, US
Key people
CEO Gary Tauss

Tollbridge Technologies was a voice over broadband company founded in 1998 by Gary Tauss and Asher Waldfogel, cofounder of Redback Networks. Tollbridge was based in Santa Clara, California.

Tollbridge made VoIP access gateways, residential gateways and management systems that provided class 5 circuit switch based telephone services over DSL and cable broadband access lines. Tollbridge gateways were sold to competitive local exchange carriers and cable companies.

In 2000 Synergy Research market research showed Tollbridge was the leading supplier of voice over broadband equipment[1] and Upside Magazine recognized Tollbridge as one of its Top 100 private companies[2]

Tollbridge partnered with Arris Interactive to deliver the first VoIP cable system.[3]

After Telecom deregulation was passed in 1994, Tollbridge was one of a large group of VC-backed companies started to make products for competitive carriers as internet access shifted from dial to broadband. PairGain, Copper Mountain Networks, Ascend Communications and Diamond Lane made DSL Access Multiplexers DSLAMs, RedBack Networks and Redstone made edge routers, Sonus Networks made long distance VoIP gateways, Gotham Networks and Atrica made metro Ethernet access routers, CopperCom and JetStream made VoATM access gateways.

Following the telecom meltdown, Tollbridge's assets and customers were acquired by Newcross Technologies in 2002.[4][not in citation given]


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