Tolti Kharmang

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Tolti (Urdu: طولتی) (also Tholdi TaltÍ and written Tibetan: ti-Tol, Tol-rti and RTOL-ti ) is an oasis town in Kharmang Baltistan (Little Tibet).[1] The village lies on the left bank of the Indus, and is approximately 35 km south-east of the confluence of the Indus from the Shayok. It is today by a well-paved road that runs along the left bank of the Indus slightly from Skardu to reach out. Tolti before 1840 belonged to the dominion of Kartaksho , one of the six small kingdoms Baltistan, but was ruled as a function of Karthaksho over longer time periods of one raja own family. Shortly after Tolti starts today a southern exclusion zone, so that from here onward travel after the Kharmang a few kilometers away.


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