Tolumnia (plant)

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Tolumnia velutina
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Cymbidieae
Subtribe: Oncidiinae
Genus: Tolumnia
  • Olgasis Raf.
  • Xaritonia Raf.
  • Antillanorchis (C.Wright ex Griseb.) Garay
  • Hispaniella Braem
  • Jamaiciella Braem
  • Braasiella Braem, Lückel & Rüssmann
  • Gudrunia Braem

Tolumnia (abbreviated Tolu.[2]), is a genus in the family Orchidaceae. Previously known as the "equitant oncidiums," the species were segregated from the mega-genus Oncidium by Guido Braem in 1986. Dancing-lady orchid is a common name for some species in this genus.[3]


The plants are small, usually epiphytic, with small or absent pseudobulbs completely covered by leaves, which are triangular or circular in cross section and overlap each other at base to resemble a fan. The inflorescences arise between the leaf base and bear colorful, showy flowers. The labella are large, ornamented by variously shaped calli. The column bears prominent wings flanking the stigma. The genus is primarily native to the Greater Antilles, with a few species extending into Florida, the Lesser Antilles, Mexico, Central America and northern South America (from Colombia to French Guiana).[1]


  1. Tolumnia arizajuliana (Withner & J.Jiménez Alm.) Ackerman, 1997
  2. Tolumnia bahamensis (Nash) Braem, 1986
  3. Tolumnia calochila (Cogn.) Braem, 1986
  4. Tolumnia compressicaulis (Withner) Braem, 1986
  5. Tolumnia gauntlettii (Withner & Jesup) Nir, 1994
  6. Tolumnia guianensis (Aubl.) Braem, 1986
  7. Tolumnia guibertiana (A.Rich.) Braem, 1986
  8. Tolumnia gundlachii (C.Wright ex Griseb.) N.H.Williams & Ackerman, 2007
  9. Tolumnia guttata (L.) Nir, 1994
  10. Tolumnia haitiensis (Leonard & Ames) Braem, 1986
  11. Tolumnia hawkesiana (Moir) Braem, 1986
  12. Tolumnia henekenii (Schomburgk ex Lindl.) Nir, 1994
  13. Tolumnia leiboldi (Rchb. f.) Braem, 1986
  14. Tolumnia lucayana (Nash) Braem, 1986
  15. Tolumnia pulchella (Hook.) Rafinesque, 1837
  16. Tolumnia quadriloba (Schweinf.) Braem, 1986
  17. Tolumnia scandens (Moir) Braem, 1986
  18. Tolumnia sylvestris (Lindl.) Braem, 1986
  19. Tolumnia triquetra (Sw.) Nir, 1994
  20. Tolumnia tuerckheimii (Cogn.) Braem, 1986
  21. Tolumnia urophylla (Loddiges ex Lindl.) Braem, 1986
  22. Tolumnia usneoides (Lindl.) Braem, 1986
  23. Tolumnia variegata (Sw.) Braem, 1986
  24. Tolumnia velutina (Lindl. & Paxton) Braem, 1986


  1. Tolumnia acunae (M. A. Diaz) Nir, 2000 (synonym of: Tolumnia tuerckheimii (Cogn.) Braem, 198)
  2. Tolumnia borinquensis Sauleda & Ragan, 1996 (synonym of: Tolumnia variegata (Sw.) Braem, 1986)
  3. Tolumnia caymanensis (Moir) Braem, 1986 (synonym of: Tolumnia leiboldii (Rchb.f.) Braem, 1986)
  4. Tolumnia lemoniana ssp. lemoniana Braem, 1986 (synonym of: Tolumnia guianensis (Aubl.) Braem, 1986)
  5. Tolumnia tetrapetala (Jacq.) Braem, 1986 (synonym of Tolumnia guttata (L.) Nir, 1994 )


This list is incomplete.

Hybrids of Tolumnia with orchids in other genera are placed in the following nothogenera:[4]


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