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The Tolypers Company
Industry Consumer goods, chemical products, detergents
Founded 1971
Headquarters Tehran, Iran,
Area served
Iran, Caucasus, Russia, Central Asia
Key people
Reza Mousavian
(President) & (CEO)
Increase Rialsymbol.svg 127 billion IRR (2009)[1]
IncreaseRialsymbol.svg 79 billion IRR (2009)[2]
Total assets Increase Rialsymbol.svg 1.47 trillion IRR (2009)[3]
Number of employees
1000 (2009)

Tolypers (Persian: تولی‌پرس‎‎) is a chemical and consumer goods company based in Iran. The company produces laundry detergent under the same name, which is sold in Iran and 17 other countries.[4]

The company also manufactures detergent powder, soaps, shampoos, dishwashing liquids, hand washing liquids, and toothpaste powders. The company was founded in 1971 and is based in Tehran, Iran.[5]

The company has been listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange since 1997.[6]


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