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Tomás José Gomensoro Albín (27 January 1810 – 12 April 1900) was a Uruguayan political figure.[1][2]


Born in Dolores, Soriano, Uruguay, he was a member of the Colorado Party (Uruguay). He served as President of the Senate of Uruguay from 1871 to 1872.

In March 1872, President of Uruguay Lorenzo Batlle stepped down from office.

President of Uruguay (interim)[edit]

From 1872 to 1873 Gomensoro served as President of Uruguay (interim).

While his term office was intended to be temporary in nature, it actually lasted almost one year. In February 1873 he was succeeded as President by José Eugenio Ellauri.

Death and commemoration[edit]

Gomensoro died in 1900, having attained the age of 90.

Town in Artigas Department named after Gomensoro[edit]

The town of Tomás Gomensoro in the Artigas Department of northern Uruguay is named after him.


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