Tomás Mejía Camacho

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Tomás Mejía

José Tomás de la Luz Mejía Camacho, better known as Tomás Mejía (September 17, 1820 – June 19, 1867), was a Mexican soldier.

Born in Pinal de Amoles, Sierra Gorda, Querétaro, he fought as a cavalry general on the side of Maximilian I of Mexico during the war between Monarchists and Republicans after the French intervention in 1862 and the rise of the Second Mexican Empire in 1863-1864.

He was executed by the Liberal Republicans, together with General Miguel Miramón and Emperor Maximilian I in Querétaro in 1867.

The Execution of Emperor Maximilian, Édouard Manet 1868. Tomás Mejía is on the left.


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