Tomás Urbina

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Tomás Urbina
Tomas Urbina.jpg
Birth name Tomás Urbina Reyes
Born 1877
Congregación de Nieves, Ocampo Municipality, Durango
Died September 15, 1915(1915-09-15) (aged 37–38)
Congregación de Nieves, Ocampo Municipality, Durango
Years of service 1910-1915
Rank General
Unit División del Norte
  • Battle of Tlahualilo
  • Storming of Durango
  • Battle of Mapimí
  • Battle of El Ébano
Tomás Urbina (left) nexto to Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata

Tomás Urbina (c. 1877–1915) was a general during the Mexican Revolution who allied with Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.[1]

Lieutenant Tomas Urbina and his counterpart and fellow General Rodolfo Fierro, have been cited as the two halves of Pancho Villa, Fierro representing his more violent side.[2]

Urbina was executed by General Fierro under the accusation that he betrayed Pancho Villa during the Battle of El Ébano (Spanish: Batalla de El Ébano), a 72-day siege of the town of El Ébano in the state of San Luis Potosí, where Urbina finally surrendered his forces to the Constitutionalist faction, and allegedly received a sum of money for his surrender.

In film[edit]

In the film Villa Rides (1968), Urbina was portrayed by Robert Viharo.

In Literature[edit]

Urbina is a major character in the novel, The Friends of Pancho Villa (1996), by James Carlos Blake.


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